Augusta National

Last week was a great week for me.  On Tuesday, I went to the home opener for the Braves.  We lost the game but the tailgating was great and good to be back at the Ted.
Then, Thursday was the best day.  The best.

In fact, my coworkers have been asking, “so how was the Masters?”  My response, “Oh, you mean the best day of my life?  It was incredible.”

Did I go to the Masters this year?

Heck yes I did.

I have always dreamed of going to the Masters: Exhibit A and I enjoy the sport of golf: Exhibit B, but last Thursday Masters veteran Jim took me to the Masters (I’m so grateful!) and it was perfect.

Minus the fact that I was ornery on the drive up after leaving my phone at home.  Who me, ornery?  I know, it’s hard to believe.  And yes, I knew that I couldn’t take my phone onto the course but still, sometimes you just get mad at yourself and aren’t a good sport about it.

We made it to Augusta early Thursday morning, the first day of the tournament round and when we walked through the gates, it was like stepping into a whole different world.  I’d say Heaven on earth.

The grass was perfectly groomed.  The gravel was even painted green.  The beer was cheap.  The food was really good.  The azaleas were gorgeous though not fully in bloom.  The sun was shining with utterly perfect spring weather.  There were lines for the men’s bathroom but not the women’s (can I get a what, what).  (We’ll ignore the fact that somehow Jim still beat me out.)  The people who work there were so, so nice and friendly.  It was wonderful to just be us and the course, no checking of phones, no technology, just paying attention to golf, taking it all in, and of course quality time with Jimbo.  The whole environment at the National was excellent.

I was so happy.  We walked most of the course and saw so many golfers (including standing right next to Bubba when he teed off- being a short girl has its advantages when men let you stand in front of them).  We then retired to sitting on 16 for a while and then at 13 and 14 in the grandstand.  We saw Phil, Ernie, Freddie, Luke Donald, Bubba, Sergio, Adam Scott, Rory, just everyone.

Everything they say about the Masters being magical and unlike any other place is true.  I didn’t want to leave.  I’m so grateful that I had the privilege to go.  It really was a perfect day.

Yesterday when Bubba won and Adam Scott put the green jacket on him, I could have frozen that tv frame, just beautiful.  Then, Bubba, a true Dawg, celebrating his win at Waffle House, double win.

a recap of March 2014

March was a busy month (hence the lack of blogging) and started out on a high note with Eric and Terilyn’s wedding on the first day

and of course we took a horrible selfie in the 12 passenger van on the way to the wedding because why not?

then celebrated this tall drink of water’s birthday
along with all his ladies

The second weekend in March I headed to Savannah for Marissa’s bachelorette!  We had a fabulous time complete with a haunted bar crawl, lots of walking and eating around the beautiful city, a fair amount of drinking, and celebrating our girl.  And getting haunted by Marge, a Savannah ghost.

The weekend after that was a trip to Athens for Chris and Mandy’s wedding.

The next week was finals and all I’ll say is that I’m glad that’s over!  (until the next ones)

Then, it was great day of service at church which meant landscaping with this hardworking crew
The last weekend in March was a family weekend with all of my siblings coming to town (we missed you Seba and Chris!) along with this little peanut, so we took her to see the 12 million daffodils at Gibbs Gardens.

March was exhausting (and really cold) but very fun.  Here’s to you, April.

Party of 8 +1

Once upon a time there was a family of six

They were very happy,
especially after the addition of the last two, the twins

Then, this family of six became a family of 7 and then 8 last May!

And now, the former soccer star

slash doctor turned attorney
slash Big Lady who likes to give orders

slash great sister
is engaged and bringing someone new into the family!

Welcome to the family Chris!
(and not to be confused with Uncle Chris on Mama’s side or Aunt Chris on Daddy’s side)
I guess Chris is turning out to be a family name!

Life lately in the frozen tundra of Atlanta

Last weekend Jim took me to see the Book of Mormon!  

We really, really liked it!  It was hilarious!  Yes, crude at times but really funny.  The singing was great, and the actors did a phenomenal job.  Very creative storyline and scenes.  My only complaint was that at times it was really hard to understand what some of the actors were saying.  Some were supposed to have Ugandan accents and speak really fast, so I  missed some of their funny lines.  But still, a top play!

Yesterday, I opened up my mail to find myself (along with 5 other lovely ladies) on the cover of the Junior League magazine!  We went to a studio a few weeks ago to stand on ladders, me having to go the highest because of my height, to have our picture taken.  I am honored to stand alongside these women and represent an organization which does so much to help the Atlanta community.
Now, if I’m going to toot my own horn, this wasn’t my first magazine cover.  Back in third grade, I graced the first edition of Image, a magazine for my  county in Texas.  I just so happened to be in ballet with the editor’s daughter.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the magazine is still in publication.  Probably couldn’t top that first edition cover.

Round 2 of Atlanta’s snowpocalypse began yesterday.  It was snowing/raining/sleeting at work but melted by the afternoon.  The temperature dropped last night and things aren’t looking good for the roads of Atlanta.
We are covered in ice with more coming in tonight.  We are the lucky ones who still have power.

The icicles are pretty.
And the snow makes everything look so nice as we take a break from working and walk through Narnia.
This snowstorm, I’m happy to be home this time with my duck boots and fleece lined leggings (and clean underwear).
and my fabulous roommate!
Good thing we have the Olympics and Mark Richt curling to keep us entertained until cabin fever sets in!

A Fabric Headboard

I made a fabric headboard a few weeks ago for my new room!  Ok, my parents really, really helped.  

It was an adventure fitting the plywood in my car, but it worked.

I used 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s.  4 inch foam would have been preferable but by the time I lugged over the 5 inch foam, that was fine with me!
I free handed a cut out of the plywood to give it a nice shape.  Then, after cutting one side with a serrated knife, I flipped over the wood to trace the other side to make sure the sides were even.
After stapling the batting down over the foam, the fabric went on.  I went with a solid and something basic so I can change out my pillows and lampshades later if I want.  You can also add beading or upholstery nails to give a more defined look.
Daddy then drilled two holes into the bottom plywood to secure it to my bed frame.

Total Cost
$50… 3 yards of linen fabric from Forsyth Fabric
$30… Sanded BC Pine 4′x8′ from Home Depot that we had cut down to I can’t remember what dimensions!
$75… 1 2/3 yard of 5 inch foam from Jo Ann’s (be sure to print off a 40% off coupon to buy this!  Otherwise, it would have been $125!)
$8… Batting
Staples & Staple gun

Total: $163 versus Pottery Barn’s $600!

Loving the finished product!

Snowpocalypse 2014

Maybe this is becoming a thing every three years, but Atlanta had another snowpocalypse last week.  At this point, frankly, I’m tired of talking about it.  You can read all about why it happened here and how great people were here and here.  It was nuts.

In the event of this blog recording some of my life, I thought I’d share my tale so when I’m old and flying my car and teleporting, I’ll remember what it was like when the city of Atlanta was shut down.

I had a lovely lunch with Kacina in Athens and then received an email that UGA was canceling class at 3:30 due to the impending weather conditions, which happened to be the start time of the career fair I was working for my company.  However, the career fair was still on.

There weren’t many companies who decided to make the drive from Athens and most probably got stuck somewhere on I-85, so I talked to nearly every student there.  Great for the company, bad for my throat.  Oh boy did I wash my hands at the end of that day.

Back to the story, I told the two women at the booth next to me that I was about to make the drive back to Atlanta and they said in no way was that a good idea.  At this point, I had heard from friends who had horrible drives home.  Sloan’s instagram was an indication that things weren’t looking good.  But Atlanta rush hour usually lasts 4 hours, so by the time I got there, I’d be fine.  It was just a little snow, no ice.  Wrong.  Well good thing my mother forbid me from driving.  I probably would have had to abandon my car and sleep at a shelter like so many others.  Or get stuck on the Perimeter for over 20 hours like my friend from League.  I still can’t get over that women who had a baby in her car.

I was snowed/iced/road blocked out of Atlanta.  Athens didn’t get hit as badly.

So I stayed at a hotel in downtown Athens for two days and became friends with those two women.  We went shopping for clean clothes to wear.  Dined at my favorite Athens restaurants (miss you Five Star Day) (love you Last Resort).  Caught up on some sleep.  Perused the bar scene.  Monitored work email.  Walked north campus and all of downtown.  All on the company dime.  (well not the bars or shopping)

I was very lucky.  While all of Atlanta was sitting in their cars and sleeping at stranger’s houses, I spent two days in one of my favorite cities with new friends.

I was a tiny bit sad to leave this mini trip, but I was so happy to make it back home, especially so I could celebrate my birthday with a great dinner!

Jay and Emmy 1.18.14

Kerrville, TX: Home of Johnny Football and the site for my cousin’s wedding last weekend.

I flew into San Antonio and of course made a stop with Mama and Daddy at Luby’s, the Ritz of cafeterias.  This restaurant was a staple of my childhood.  If you’ve seen King of the Hill, Hank’s niece, Luanne Platter is named after Luby’s  dish, the Lu Ann.  Best served with chicken fried steak.

We made our way to Kerville and helped get ready for the rehearsal dinner that night, which was a great time for the two families to meet.

My family in town that night with the bride and groom minus Aunt Karen who is always behind the camera!
The siblings.  This one is tough because we are so happy to have them all together, but we really missed our Aunt Cathy this weekend.  We know she was watching down telling Emmy, “oh darling, you are a beautiful bride!”

The party featured really good Tex-Mex with a grill station outside!

This wreath hung on the door of the couple’s new house- two lovebirds, isn’t that precious?!

On Saturday, a few of us went to Fredericksburg for the day and ate and shopped!  Pretty Texas limestone
And found a five and ten store, which made the old older people happy!  (ok, me too)
The Texas hill country- full of armadillos, rattlesnakes, cactus, and rolling hills.  It really is pretty.

That afternoon I got my nails done with the ladies and guys who hopefully tipped them very well.  Uncle Chris will not install a massage chair in his tv room.

Then it was time for the wedding, which was beautiful!  And so sweet!  And Emily looked gorgeous!!  Aunt Paula too!  What a happy occasion!

I was sad for Emmy that her dad was in the hospital and couldn’t make it, but thanks to it being 2014 where he was able to watch through Facetime!

We partied it up at the reception!  And we ate really, really good food!  My cousin is a chef and has good taste- quail pizza, butternut squash soup, duck confit, a whole pig, sliders, and more.
Uncle Bruce and I kept the dance floor going along with this jokester.
We loved on sweet baby Jack
and had good cousin time!
On Sunday, we had brunch at Jay’s family ranch overlooking the Guadalupe River.
A sight for sore eyes.  How beautiful!  I love the Texas hill country!

It was a lovely way to wrap up a great weekend with family I love so much!  We are excited to welcome Jay into our family!

Texas, we’ll come back now, ya hear!