Peachtree Road Race

Well it’s only my second post and I’m already behind.  I spent last week at the beach so more on that later.  The morning of the Fourth, I ran the Peachtree.  It was my second time running it after a woman at work gave me her number last year the day before the race.  When I was highly out of shape then, my time was 1:22:35.  This year (still not in tip top shape) it was 1:12:57.   I’m happy I shaved off 10 minutes of a 10k!  Hopefully I’ll shave off 10 more next year (easier said a year away)!

It was fun!  Running it really makes you feel like you’re a part of Atlanta going from Buckhead to Midtown.  The weather was much nicer, Matt, LP, and friends from work did it too, and the other runners are always interesting- guys running in speedos, others carring backpacks full of beer and running while drinking and one guy with a Heineken suit of armor.  I had a good time running with Matt for the first three miles before he continued on while I walked the hills.  The only bad side was that I had to go to the bathroom pretty badly before the race but the lines were about 50 people long- no exaggeration.  So, I was fine during the race but on the way home at Marta, I just couldn’t take it anymore and ended up finding a bathroom there and having Matt come pick me up at that station.  While waiting on him, I fell asleep on a bench outside of Marta.  These cops came up and asked me if I was ok.  I felt a little like a homeless person, but at least I was rejuvenated!


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