As soon as I finished the Peachtree, I hopped in the shower and then drove 10 hours to Outerbanks, NC.  Yes, I missed fireworks.  It was sad.  But… I had four friends waiting on me to spend a few days together at the beach… for free.

We left the house at 5:30 am  and went in-shore fishing.  We caught 100 fish.  You read correctly.  72 pounds of Spanish mackerel and blue.  It was amazing and we had the best time!  There are two lines to each rod and four time I brought in two fish at once- one time one jumped on the line as I was reeling in another fish.   We had a shot at catching drum.  Every fishing boat went to that area but they scared the fish, so no luck.  If you are ever in the OBX, use Sinbad Fishing.  They are friends of Daynes’ family and great- even let me unhook the fish!

The rest of the week was rough.  Life at the beach is a tough life.

We hung out with our friend Jack at night and looked at the amazing stars.  Really, I have never seen clearer stars.

We read.  I finished Gone With The Wind.  Which I highly recommend- many differences from the movie.

We had to walk far to get to the beach… about 10 steps.

James set up our chairs each day.

We took relaxing outdoor showers.  Made me feel like Hetty King in Avonlea.

We ate and ate.  We went to Daynes’ favorite restaurant in the world- Capt’n Franks.  Hot dogs in any way you like.

We napped.

And kayaked.  And I won at bocce!

We took pictures of ourselves after Caitlin and Nathan left.

Then the time came, and we had to say goodbye to this.

But we’ll be back!!


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