The Big O

Being raised in the South, I couldn’t imagine my life anywhere else.  However, I have been asked by people at work if I would ever live in Omaha.  At first, this thought seemed horrible to me.  Leave my beloved part of the country?  Leave my family and friends and accessibility to Georgia football?  Not be able to eat Chick-fil-a or drink sweet tea?  Heck no!!

I go to Omaha at least once a quarter for work, but this trip was different.  Normally I am so close minded that I can’t appreciate the city.  It’s seemed so run-down before.  Maybe it’s that it was finally warm there and things were actually green.  Maybe it’s that I just needed to get away.  Anyhow, I actually enjoyed the city.  I’m not saying I’m moving there, but I enjoyed it.  I could eat dinner outside in July and not die of heat.  I could go for a run downtown without traffic and smog.  I can go there and have a different life for a week.

A park near the hotel

The Qwest Center which holds concerts, basketball games, and the Olympic swim trials.

The replacement for Rosenblatt in 2011

The Union Pacific building.  A couple blocks from here is where I work and then two blocks from that is Warren’s office.A nice and exhausting trip after working late nights, but I am glad to be back where I belong!!


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