Wishin’ I was 21

Last Saturday I went with a group of friends to see Corey Smith at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater.   We tailgated before the game thinking we would see friends from college.  Instead, we were the only ones there legal to drink.

Kenny Chesney wannabeWhat’s the deal with tank tops?  Matt asked one guy why he was wearing a tank top.  His reply “because I heard it was going to rain.”
Tommy Bahama

Rainbow Warrior

The opener, Colt Ford, was horrible.  His band was much better than him.  I felt old when I wished I had worn shoes with more support.  Maybe I shall investigate in some of those for football season.

Last time I saw Corey Smith, it was at Georgia Theatre with Stafford and Knowshon in the audience.  It was Georgia.  This time didn’t live up to that, but he still puts on a great show.  He played for 2.5 hours and played new stuff as well as his classics.

If you look closely, the guitar says Georgia and has a bulldog on it.  He played this for “Every Dawg.”


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