The Cultured Life

Friday, I went to Maggiano’s with my family and Jamie’s family!  The food there is amazing.  The Italians knew what they were doing- carbs and meat with more carbs.   What’s not to like?  and family style too?  Yes, please.

It was so good to see that family!  We first met them at dinner Parent’s Weekend freshmen year of college.  We were the last ones to eat as we were the only families to stay the entire football game.  Since then, we have hung out at all parent’s weekend/ mother-daughter day/ father-daughter day events and we even meet up for lunch and planned Kac’s shower together.  It’s hard enough not seeing your best friends every day, but not seeing their families has its effect too.

Saturday morning, LP, Elizabeth, Tresa, Katie, and I headed to the High.  I had only been there once in high school for the impressionist exhibit and since 1. I’m trying to do ATL things and 2. It’s free for Fulton County residents the first Saturday of the month, we went!  This exhibit just opened up:

I tried to be cultured.  I tried to read the excerpts about him.  But, I hated it.  It just wasn’t pretty.   It took a long time going through the museum before I found something I liked.  Surprise, it was from the 1800s.  I’m used to the Smithsonian’s and art galleries in DC that have the good stuff I like, the famous stuff.

It raised a question, really, “is this art?”  We found an exhibit that was furniture that looked an Ikea showroom.  Come on.  How is that art that needs to be displayed at a muesum?  And then I kept thinking, what will they call art from today’s age that is “contemporary” or “modern” when it is no longer 2010 but 2050?

I do not recommend the High.  I’m glad I went.  If they have a different exhibit, I’ll be more inclined to go, but I’ll stick with my pretty and happy art.

It was a good day though because I had a fab time and good laughs with these girls!


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