Rain on my parade

The day I’ve been waiting for is here (well forget about wedding day, birth of children, and of course every gameday).  I got my tickets in the mail.

This was a process.  Monday, I was left a note in my mailbox that I had a package, but I needed to sign for it.  I could either sign to leave it at my house or pick it up at the post office.   Well, the post office with my package is only open from 9-5 and closed on the weekends leaving me no way to get there.  I signed to leave it my by door, but they didn’t leave it on Tuesday.  Today, it was there!

I was ready.  I printed out a map of the stadium with the sections so I would be ready to see just where my tickets where when my roommates called with the news.  317.  Non-shade side that is often empty and right by the fraternities.  Endzone.  Unable to see plays.  Those are horrible seats!  Should I be grateful that I have seats and that they are my seats?  Yes!  Of course I should.  But I’m not.  I’m just frustrated.

On a good note, I’m booking my flight to Colorado soon!


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