This was my third trip to the north country.  I’ve been to Vancouver/Whistler and Toronto, but PEI was the best place.  Ever.  In the world.  I’m moving there.  Maybe I won’t be able to live there permanently until I retire, but if someone asked me to go back tomorrow, I would.

More on my trip later, but here are some interesting facts about PEI/Canada.

1. Instead of saying “ma’am,” they say “dear.”  It sounds so thoughtful.

2. Every other house has a Canadian flag in the front yard.  Still excited about that gold medal in hockey I guess.

3. Most of the people are old.  I love old people.  This will help me to have lots of friends when I retire.

4. Instead of putting pickles on hamburgers, they give you relish.  I don’t like either but I have never really equated the two.  I don’t count putting ketchup on my burger as slapping on a tomato.

5.Gilbert Blythe is from there, so you know it’s a great place.  This will also work out nicely when I’m married to him and we can retire there and take strolls down Lover’s Lane.

6. The people are very relaxed.  You would be too if you had their views of rolling hills next to the ocean and your summer high was in the 70s.

7. The houses in the little villages are fairly cheap.  Yet again, another reason for me to live there.

8. I will never get tired of someone saying “eh?” or “agAAin” in a Canadian accent.


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