PEI: Part 1

Well this series of posts is going to take forever, and I’m not going to do it justice.  I can only say that I loved this trip so much that I really do want to live there one day.  I hope that this feeling never escapes me.  Don’t you sometimes worry that you won’t hold onto certain feelings forever?  I don’t want to get caught up in every day life and planning for practical things and not live and fulfill my real dreams.  Now, enough emotional stuff.

The trip started a few months ago.  I had always said that if I could only pick one place in the world to visit, it would be PEI.  Then, my parents tell me they are taking a trip there.  Then, they knew they wanted to have a great time, so they asked me.

We (Laura, my oldest sister) and I met in Detroit.  Then, we took another flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Our parents had already been there for five days traveling on the Cabot Trail all along the coast of NS.  First things first.  We ate at Tim Horton’s for dinner.  Basically your average Panera type but Canadian style – maple leafs and all!

My dad used to work in Canada pretty regularly, and he loved TH’s.  He especially loved their coffee mugs, so he bought a few.  Not long ago, my mom accidentally broke one.  Luckily, here is a replacement!

That night we stayed in Truro, NS at this b&b.

If anyone loves getting to know owners of b&bs, it’s my parents.  They just eat up everything about them and where they’re from and why they want to own a b&b.  Instantly, they are best friends with these people for one night and of course into breakfast.

Then, we went to the Tidal Bore.  The tide comes in there faster than anywhere else in the world.  Rises feet in minutes.  Well, that day was not it’s day.  It was a bore.  That’s for sure.  We waited.  and waited.  and nothing.

Next, we went zip-lining.  This wasn’t M&D’s (Mama and Daddy or as Matt calls them Mambo and Danny) first rodeo.  They went zip-lining in the Andes with Amanda last year.  It was such a cool feeling.  We could see PEI off in the distance.  I give zip-lining two thumbs up!

My dad gave me the option of bridge or ferry to PEI from NS.  Ferry- obvi!  It felt like the Titanic putting our car on the boat.  Much more fun getting to play cards and read and then eat the best ice cream of my life – Cows ice cream.
I was really loving life at this point.  Reading my beloved Anne while on my way to this great place.


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