PEI: Part 2

Once we made it to PEI, we checked in at our hotel.  We stayed at the White Sands!  It’s actually called Dalvay, but to me, it’s the White Sands.  It didn’t look like they filmed any of the inside of the hotel, and I don’t remember there being a lake in front, but the outside was it for sure!

It actually used to be a house.  Must have been nice.

Then, we went to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birth site.  We walked the lot looking for her house, only it wasn’t there.  She lived right next to the post office and worked there so she would be the only one to know when her manuscripts came back rejected.  Her family still lives in a house right next to the property.  At least the flowers were pretty there!

We went to Green Gables!  I got chills.  Like the chills I get when they the trumpet plays before the start of a game in Sanford even when it’s 120 degrees.  LMM was friends with the family in Green Gables and modeled the house after this house.  Also, she had a cousin who adopted a girl, giving her the idea for Anne.

They had the rooms set up just as they would be.  The royal baking powder from when Diana submitted Anne’s essay into a contest.  There was brooch on Marilla’s nightstand from when Anne was kept in her room and away from the church picnic until she confessed to losing it.

Anne’s room

Marilla’s room

Then we took a stroll down Lover’s Lane and through the Haunted woods.  They are both right next to the house, so they look just like each other when they should not in the book.

It was surreal being there.  Right where I’ve pictured Anne walking and reciting the Lady of Shalitt and playing in the Haunted Woods with Diana.

And I really wanted to feel like Anne!

And then it was my dad’s turn for fun.


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