PEI: Part 3

On Friday, we went to Avonlea Village in Cavendish.  On the way, we stopped at the PEI Sweater Shop.  An old lady knits her own sweaters and Mama got one!  The wool was very soft.

At Avonlea Village, they have a school house, dress-up shop, church (actual church that they moved in 3 parts), farm area, etc.  There are characters from the books there- Charlie Sloane, Gilbert, Anne, Diana, Mrs. Lynde, Marilla, Matthew, the Pye kids.

And then we went to a music show.  It was awesome!!  It was a band of five guys and they played the accordian, piano, guitar, and spoons.  The main guy is Mike Pendergast.  My dad even bought his cd.  They sang songs about PEI.  My favorite was was Bud the Spud.  Here’s a clip from Youtube that I found.  Mike later played softer songs at the church.

Since that isn’t a great clip, here’s the actual song.

We went to the dress-up shop!

I regret not taking that hat with me.  and not buying this shirt.

To complete my time in Avonlea, I had some rasberry cordial!


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