PEI: Part 4

After Avonlea, we drove around PEI.  How could you just not love this place?

They have lighthouses at every point.

Their cows get to look at the ocean.  I love farms.  This kind.  The lush grass and the rolling hills.Every trash can has recycling available.  Yes, this was on the ferry and in every park, everywhere.  Canada is green.  Oh and I can use my French there too!

You can always spot a lobster boat.

Did I mention that it’s gorgeous?

And then we went back to the hotel, which didn’t have tv, radio, or internet.  Instead, they had board games, canoes, kayaks, and chairs looking out onto the lake.  And we were right across the street from the beach.

Daddy and I went canoeing, but it turns out, we are different weights and couldn’t balance the canoe, so this happened.  It may have ruined my camera, but hopefully amex will take care of that.

I spend most of my time in these two places reading what else but Anne of course!

We played croquet and cards the rest of the night!  It felt like we were at the resort at Dirty Dancing, very family oriented and old-fashioned, right up my alley!

That night at dinner, we ended up sitting with a young couple who were staying at our hotel and who we had also seen at Avonlea Village earlier in the day.  They were on their honeymoon from Washington.  The wife and I hit it off because she loved Anne as much as I do!  They had ridden their bikes to the restaurant and it started to rain on our way back, so Daddy and I dropped Mama and Laura off and went back to get them.  We put the bikes in the car and gave them a ride back to the hotel as the storm came in.  The wife said that we must be kindred spirits!  I knew it too!  We exchanged emails, and her husband said that it was too bad we didn’t live next door to each other because we would be best friends and talk about Anne all the time.  They were such a sweet life-loving couple!

I was not ready to leave the White Sands or any part of PEI for that matter, but we only went to the big city in PEI, Charlottetown, the next day.  They have big groceries there and even an Old Navy and Bath & Body Works.  It was a nice city with pretty gardens.

and we went to the AofGG musical.

and just walked around Charlottetown.

Then we took the big bridge back through New Brunswick to Halifax.  Funny thing about tolls in PEI- you have to pay to leave to take the ferry or the bridge but you don’t have to pay to enter.  They want people to stay there, and stay there I would have!  In fact, the music guys at Avonlea said that the PEI government paid for a roundabout in New Brunswick to confuse people and force them to go back to PEI.  Not sure if that’s true, but there was a roundabout in New Brunswick right after we crossed the bridge from the island.

My trip ended.  But it was amazing!  Maybe my favorite one ever!  The weather was incredible- no humidity, I made friends with a bunch of locals, I picked out some houses to live in one day, I got to see almost everything I wanted to see, I stayed at the White Sands, the time with my family was great, oh it was all just wonderful!  I am so lucky to go to the one place I’ve wanted to go to forever!  Maybe I am crazy and want to be like the character of a book, but

who knows what the future holds!

“When I left Queen’s my future seemed to stretch out before me like a straight road. I thought I could see along it for many a milestone. Now there is a bend in it. I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe that the best does. It has a fascination of its own, that bend, Marilla.” -Anne


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