The Calm Before the Storm

So I’m not going through a storm (maybe I should have picked a different title with the poor people going through Hurricane Earl) and it’s not like I have had much free time lately, but this was the last weekend before I travel every weekend for the next four months.  So what did I do?  Oh I traveled!  and spent it with girls I’ll be seeing for football too!

Friday, Kacina organized a group of girls to go to Martinis & IMAX at Fernbank.  Hannah, Jackie, Jamie, Kac, and I went.  What a good idea Kac!  I will mark this off my city list items!

We saw the cirque de soleil show at IMAX, which was kind of trippy, but the acrobatics was impressive to say the least.  Gosh it is great to visit with friends you don’t get to see every day.  You’d think even Hannah and I would see each other more since we only live twenty minutes apart, but we don’t.  Plus, when it’s just girls, it’s so different.  It’s nice to be just us again.  Too bad we don’t all live down the hall from each other or at least within a 10 minute drive.

Saturday I went to Sloaner’s in Greensboro.  We were going to go to her lake house Saturday, and then she called and said that we could go Sunday (esp since I wans’t getting there until late Saturday) because her grandpa was the mayor of a town and we had to go to a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Just like that, like everyone has a grandpa who is a mayor.  So we went to Siloam.  and her parents knew everyone in the town.

That night we went with her parents and their friends to see the Swingin’ Medallions, the party band of the South.  A group of guys with pastel pants, polos, choreographed dances,  oldies music, no it’s not a Richard Simmons workout video, it’s even better!  Everyone could bring their own picnic with whatever alcohol they wanted.  Concerts would be much better if they learned from this idea of tailgating right there in front of the band.  Never have to get up to buy a drink or pay for it.  Real liquor allowed.  Yes please.

And then we danced!  How fun!  and then I got her parents and their friends to dance!    and she’ll claim she’s not a good dancer, but Sloan can bust a move.

And Sunday we went to the lake!  and tubed!  and saw a bald eagle!  and stuffed ourselves full of mango salsa.  yum!  So nice of them to host me for a weekend and cook for me.

I’ve blogged so much this past week, I think I should go to bed.  but I’ll probs do one tomorrow on football.  I know ya’ll are filled with anticipation.

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