Let’s go racing boys

I did it.  I’m no longer a Nascar Virgin.  Ricky Bobby knew what he was talking about.

Last year when I was on my way home from the OK State game a group of my friends went to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the race.  Alec and Terry had been before, but everyone talked about how fun it was.  Oh and the people watching.  I knew I had to go.

So a couple months ago, I picked my driver.  Well, actually, I picked 5 guys based on 1. looks 2. their sponsor 3. the car.  Then, the guys had never heard of any of my 5 guys, so I went with #33 Clint Bowyer.  I do love Cheerios.

I went with these people- a nice mix of high school and college friends

We had some good times tailgating.  Two straight days of tailgating in perfect weather makes for a great weekend.

And then we went to the race.  Did you know you can bring a cooler full of drinks into the race?  Genius!

And they have this great sign, which is kind of hard to read but it has the rankings of the drivers.

I can’t watch Nascar on tv, but in person it was cool.  The cars have huge sparks/fire under them from going so fast.  There weren’t any crashes, but the cars would get too hot and spin out.  Maybe the majority of America is onto something.

Thank goodness for ear plugs.  If you go, be prepared for everyone around you to smoke.

America at it’s finest.

And most guys don’t wear their shirt at races.  In fact, when I came back from the bathroom, all my guys decided it would be funny to take their shirts off to embarrass me.

And our friend John McKay James maybe had too good of a time

But really, everyone had a great time.  Team America.

These colors don’t run!!


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