This is me, now.

1. I’m so glad football is here. Especially away games. Everyone becomes your best friend. You high five the 80 year old man next to you who offers you bourbon from his thigh. But this weekend is Columbia. I hate the OBC. I hate the visor. I hate that dumb bird that has no meat on it. I hate how hot Columbia is. I hate their attempt at tailgating on pavement without trees. I hate USC. I want to beat them so badly.

2. I’m on the last Anne of Green Gable books, but I don’t want to finish them. Then, they will be over, and I will have to come back to reality. well maybe I won’t.

3. It has been a tough night going back and forth between college and nfl- and there’s only two games. I’m glad Auburn won.  Everyone is nice in Auburn.

4.  I hate having acne.  It makes me feel like a teenager when I’m in meetings with people my parent’s age.  It doesn’t make me feel better when my dermatologist tells me it has nothing to do with age.  I want to see an end in sight.

5. I will only sleep in my bed two out of the next 9 nights.  Bummer.  I love my bed.

6. I’m so ready to be in Columbia cheering on my boys!  Even without AJ.  Dawgs son!!


2 thoughts on “This is me, now.

  1. This is waaaaay shallow, but I kind of enjoy reading about the things that my friends and I are doing through their eyes. Does that make sense? Geez. I feel like I haven’t seen you in SO long.

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