Friday, Billy, Daynes, Ryan, Alec, Mikey, and I left for Columbia with hope.

Then, Saturday was horrible.  We lost.  I thought we might but of course hoped we wouldn’t.  And we didn’t even look like a worthy team.  We couldn’t wrap up.  We couldn’t throw accurately or protect the qb or even make a touchdown for that matter.  The final score was 17 to 6. 

There were only students around us and by gosh they were annoying.  How do people get to away games after the first quarter and walk in front of you when the team is in the red zone?  I mean, it’s an away game.  Obviously you are there for football so get to the game in a decent hour and don’t come wasted and annoy me. 

Because of my bad mood all day, I didn’t take pictures with anyone in them.  (This is good because it take about 10 minutes to upload pictures on my work computer.)  How could I take any when I had to deal with annoying South Carolina fans, especially guys heckling me for being a UGA fan?     

However, after the game, I’m still a UGA fan and that is better than a thousand wins (like they’re that good) as a Cock.  My mother would never let me go to a school where I screamed Go Cocks or cheer for this gross bird.  Or live in this gross town.

Hey boys.

And then we went and got drunk  had a few beers at Wild Wing and watched the rest of the games.  Sometimes it’s just great to be with your friends. 

I’m not a cock.
Steve Spurrier is not my coach.
Tech lost… to Kansas.
Florida was losing during part of their game.
I’m still not a cock.


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