Pig Sooie.


We had a chance.  Then I lost hope and stopped believing in the third quarter.  In the fourth quarter, I was mad at myself for giving up and started believing again.  Then, we lost.  Losing sucks.  Losing two weekends in a row to SEC teams sucks even more.  At least the drive home was shorter this time.

This sums it up.  This is a good article too.

We improved from last weekend.  Our defense is new and Ryan Mallett is good.  Murray needs to look down the field and not take so long to throw the dang ball if his o-line can’t protect him.

So we are starting the season 1-2.  0-2 for SEC play.  We can still end 10-2.  There’s still hope.  It’s not like we expected to go to the MNC this year anyways.  I still love my team.  We can beat Tennessee, Tech, and Florida.    Even if we don’t, I’m a dawg through and through.  It must have been difficult to be a student in the 90s and other times when we weren’t good.  My friends are used to winning and really winning with the CMR era.  We’ve got to be supportive of our team no matter what.

Anywho, Saturday was still fun.

We started early as we always do.

I wore my skirt and hair piece!

Kac sat with me this game, and Matt and Missy joined us.

After the game, I finally got to see Jason and Kacina’s new house.  I feel like I was the last one.  What an accomplishment that they are so young and already homeowners.  They’re doing a nice job of painting and making it theirs!  Oh I can’t wait to own a home and decorate it too.

I watched the rest of the games with the guys.  I like having them around.  I love my roommates, but watching football with them just isn’t the same.  Especially when I get home and HGTV is on the tv on a Saturday in the fall.

Texas beat Texas Tech.  Yes!  Notre Dame lost.  Boo.  But Michigan State had a sweet trick play in OT that even Brian Kelly gave them credit for trying.

Now let’s hope the Falcons and Cowboys can both win!  My college and nfl teams were 1/5 last weekend.

And I’ll be in Vegas next weekend!  Well, Starkvegas that is!!


2 thoughts on “Pig Sooie.

  1. I am such a dumbass. I read that you were going to be in Vegas and I was like, WHAT!!!! I can’t believe she didn’t tell me!! LOL

  2. Oh, also, I enjoyed that on ESPN’s recap of the game, they do that whole little box on the side that says when the game was over, game ball, etc. And for when the game was over, they said when Murray Hail Maryed it into the end zone. Literally, time was gone, but we still were in there. I liked our fight, although I agree w/ you that we shouldn’t usually get ourselves in that situation to begin with. BUT, when we do, we can fight back. And LOVED that 2nd article you posted. Okay, I’m done. :)

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