I’ll buy you tall, tall trees

So a couple months ago I saw a groupon type deal for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  They just opened the canopy walk back in May, so I asked my roommates to go, and Laura and Whitney bought tickets.  Each time we planned to go, it just wouldn’t work out.  So I asked my friend from b.s. Allison.  If she didn’t go, I was going by myself because our coupon was about to expire.

Plus, doing stuff like that by yourself  is liberating.  But Allison said she would go!  and Laura offered Allison her ticket!  Sunday afternoon after the football games and the weather barely cooled off, we went.  Here’s Allison on the canopy walk.

It was just gorgeous!  Huge huge trees.  From Piedmont Park, it didn’t seem like it’d be very big, but it was huge.  And very lush.

Banana plant

And this bench made me think of Notting Hill.

It was just a great, relaxing day.  There was so many beautiful flowers and everything was in such great shape even in the heat of summer.  You should go.

And then we were about finished with our tour and saw people setting up for a wedding.  It looked very nice.  And then we saw a girl in a white dress.  And then noticed another girl in a white dress.  And they were hugging.  Welcome to Atlanta.

I want to go back in the spring when the azaleas are blooming.  It will be magnificent!


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