Casserole Night

Lately I haven’t been getting home from work until late, and I’m starving.  What I eat doesn’t matter as long as it fills me up quickly.  Luckliy, I don’t have a tendency to pick something up because I’m too cheap.

However, this has left me to alternate between cereal, pb&j (both of which I have already eaten for breakfast and lunch), or pasta.  This is boring and not healthy.  I had a brilliant idea.  I will cook a casserole or big supper on Sunday night and eat off of it for the rest of the week.  That way I won’t have to wait on cook time.  Now, I just have to find something that I can enjoy for five nights and is somewhat healthy.

Week 1: Poppy seed chicken casserole

I used the recipe from Mama’s Junior Service League Cookbook, my fav cookbook.  One of our old family friends from TX called me the other day to look up a recipe in this cookbook because she was on vacation.  I think everyone loves it.  I got my grandma’s copy of it, and my sisters love theirs too.

Now, boiled chicken grosses me out.  I don’t know why.  I’m sure I eat it more than I know.  If I ever eat it at your house, please don’t tell me.  I’m sure I won’t be able to taste the difference, but really, boiling chicken just sounds disgusting.  So Mama had a great idea of buying a rotisserie chicken and cutting that up.  So I did.

I don’t have Pioneer Woman’s cooking photo skills or photo skills for that matter, but it took a whole seven minutes to make.


It’s Wednesday and still tasting good!  Hopefully I’ll keep this up because it is nice to have a good supper.  Casseroles are tricky because they all are creamy (like this one) and have mayonnaise or mushrooms, both of which I do not like.  I need some suggestions!


One thought on “Casserole Night

  1. Okay, these are some that are Rhodes favorites. A lot of them probably have pasta or mayo in them, but just some different ideas for you. Spaghetti casserole, beef stroganoff, cheeseburger pie, and lasagna. Also, I think Mexican lasagna sounds good. Check out Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen. Also, Kelly’s Korner has a recipe blog. She talked about meat cupcakes recently that sounded nasty until I looked at what was in it.

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