Less Cowbell

Well we did something we haven’t done since 1974.  We lost to Mississippi State.  It was the worst game I’ve ever been to.  It was horrible.  I can’t talk about it.  I want to wake up and think that it was a nightmare that we are 1-3 and 0-3 in the SEC.

So, I’m not going to talk about the game.  It’s too painful.  And I probably shouldn’t because I’ve already used up my allotment of the F word this month.

Since Sonny and Bev are already in Colorado, it was up to the “kids” to do the tailgate.  In preparation for being moms one day and of course excelling at being Southern women, Sloan and I started planning the menu oh the day after Arkansas.  The boys actually helped getting the table, tent, and everything from Bev.  We had a nice spread.

The boys requested three things, well two and Alec requested a third.

1. Abner’s chicken fingers

So they ordered 50.  And 12 pieces of toast.

2. Chocolate milk from the cheese store.

25% of your daily fat and made with whole milk.  Delicious.

3. and 69 sandwiches- pimento and pb&j.

So we did it for him.  They were happy!

We left at 5:55 Saturday morning and took the Rhodes suburban to Starkville.  We found a nice spot in the shade next to Georgia fans, but there were ants everywhere.  My feet are still itching.

Tailgating was very calm in the middle of NO where Starkville.  Seriously, no traffic before the game.

Here’s to one win!

And to hoping for two…

When we walked into the game, Alec and I looked at our tickets and realized that they were third row.  Bonus!  So we could see the penalties up close.

Even though it’s the size of a Texas high school stadium, the jumbotron is impressive.  I used to think this SNL skit was funny.

Not anymore.  They never stopped ringing those cowbells.  It was like the bells in the Grinch but worse.  They should have gotten penalties.  It was about as bad as people shaking their keys at the end of a game.   A constant reminder that we were losing.

We haven’t lead a SEC game in quite some time.  It took us almost three full games to score a touchdown again.  Anyway, I’m not talking about the game.

We drove back to Tuscaloosa where our hotel room had been given to someone else.  What an excellent way to end the night…

This football season is off to a really rough start.  Reading the blogs is depressing because everyone fights about if Bobo or Richt should get fired.  I’m glad I don’t have to make those decisions.

The past years have been great.  I’m a Dawg through and through.  I’ve had great times going to games with these guys since high school

Even when they make fun of Texas losing and always say it’s 10 til 9.

And thank goodness for these girls not only bringing estrogen but also awesomeness to our trips!

AND thank God my team doesn’t have a dental hygiene ad during games

I know I always bash other teams, but really, the more I go to other schools, the more I LOVE my school.

“I’m Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, and when I die I’ll be by God Bulldog dead.” -Lewis Grizzard


One thought on “Less Cowbell

  1. Did I read somewhere that we haven’t lost to Miss St. in Starkville since like 1954? Usually, when people say we haven’t done this or that since ____ (before 1987), I usually think no big deal b/c heck, I was alive! But I seriously don’t think we’ve lost there in the time my parents have been alive. So depressing.

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