Rocky Mountain High… not so much

Welp.  We did it again.  We lost.  Our record is now 1-4.  I can’t believe it.  We were so close and then fumbled.  Even with freshly painted nails.  29-27.

“But I think the majority of our fans are true blue and they’re gonna support us no matter what.  I can say, walking off that field in Colorado, I thought the fans that showed up were phenomenal before, during and after the game.” -Mark Richt

I left for CO Wednesday night to work from our office there before picking up Jamie and Sloan.  I stayed with Lindsey that night.  Check out the view from her deck.

I picked Jamie and Sloan up from the airport Thursday in Cheyenne, the only rental left on the lot.

We headed to the Georgia welcome party at Mellow Mushroom where they were playing Munson’s Greatest Calls.  The restaurant was in a neat part of town- 16th street.

The next day we did quite a lot.

State Capitol and downtown Denver

I never considered Coloradoians to be Yankees since they were in the war and didn’t become a state until after the war, but these street names prove that they are definitely not Southerners.

Then we headed to Red Rocks.  I’d love to go to a concert here one day!

I didn’t find Simba or Rafiki on Pride Rock.

Lookout Mountain

and then we found Buffalo Bill’s grave!

and these sweet hats

After finally eating lunch, we made it to Coors!!

Neat tour, but seriously, the coldest and best beer I’ve ever had was there.  So good!

Largest brewing room ever

Coors Light IS AMERICA.

And they had these awesome signs.

That night we went to Boulder for dinner and to go out.  Jamie got sick :( so we had to take her back to the hotel.  Sloan and I were determined.  We were ready to go out, but we had to wait on Mikey and Alec to fly in.  So we drove all around Boulder and finally made it to the bar… at 1:30 since the bars close at 2.  Too bad the bars stop serving at 1:30.  Team Shreve knew if there is a will (esp for alcohol), there is a way!  And luckily, we finally met up with our friend Jack!

Saturday we tailgated with 2,998 other UGA fans.  Really, there were about 10,000 UGA fans there.  It was amazing.  Sad to think we won’t have more games like this.  I was really looking forward to going out to Oregon, but it is really hard on the team.

Isn’t the view just amazing?!

And I finally got to wear my cowboy boots to a game!

The view at the stadium… not so much.  We could barely see the tip of a mountain and the stadium was set up pretty weird, but we were right next to where the team entered!

And this about sums up the end of the game even though it was taken before.  One win.  Too bad this is becoming the motto of this season.

And the game was going well and we were leading for the first time in three games.

AJ had this AMAZING catch!!!

Then we lost.  Knowshon and Goldberg were there.  Too bad they couldn’t play.

And we couldn’t find the car so we had to walk all through campus. And the fans were horrible. Seriously, they were some of the worst fans ever. They yelled at as just for walking. And I’m used to heckling after playing in the SEC, but seriously, they were just meaning- threatening us. I mean, I may have had some responses back, but still! I’m a short girl, leave me alone!

It was worth it taking the overnight flight back to be home!

The trip was great!! We saw so much, had great weather, quality time with my girls, and hung out with tons of Dawgs fans, but after the game, I was ready to be home.


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