Happy Fall Y’all

Let me begin with my frustration with the title of the post.  The combination of the words you + all.  I have always written it as “ya’ll.”  I don’t know why.  It’s probs what my mom does.  I know grammatically it should be “y’all.”  I get lots of grief over this, but my predictive text does recognize “ya’ll” and not “y’all,” so there you go.

Anyway, fall is here!  The leaves are coming down, which not only means weekly sessions of blowing off the driveway but also better weather, good food, holidays, and of course decorations!

So instead of starting laundry and paying bills on Sunday when I got back from Colorado, LP and I ventured off to buy the necessary autumn items for the house!

We planted spring bulbs in these pots and then filled them with pansies and mums.

I wish I had gotten bigger mums, but they should grow a little and bloom soon.

We also decorated inside!

Welcome fall!


One thought on “Happy Fall Y’all

  1. I used to write it as “ya’ll” too. But after much practice, I now write it the other way. Love your decorations and wish I could dig my hand into that bowl of candy corn. It’s my favorite, but Mama hates even the smell of it and won’t let it in the house. :(

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