I lost all my teeth in Rocky Top

THANK GOD!!  WE WON!!!  We beat Tennessee!

We can now do this.
and this

and show off our awesome record

Because we now have two wins!  1-3 in the SEC and 2-4 overall.

By God, it feels good to win again.  And even better that it was Tennessee.  We still have a shot at beating Tennessee, Florida, and Tech in the same season!  Let’s not limit ourselves.  Win out!

It was basically the best day.

The morning started with hot Krispy Kreme and mimosas as it always does.  I’ve been slacking picking up the doughnuts the night before or in Gwinnett along the way, but getting them in Athens really makes a difference.  Nice and warm.

Tailgating was great.  A crisp morning.

Alec brought his mom.

Missy brought her sister.
Daynes was my +1.

This guy is trying to be my twin’s twin.  Seriously, they have the same hat and then within two days of each other bought the same shirt.
James cannot keep a straight face.
Matt, that sweatshirt really works for ya.
And a big accomplishment.  Team Shreve was successful in taking a picture!  This was try three, which was much better than this last weekend.

So we crammed these people into Sloan’s two seats on the 45 yard line in the upper deck.  It was so fun sitting with everyone again.  Just like the student section but better seats!
The seats were incredible.  Shade the entire game.  45 yard line.  Only Georgia fans.  Old people, especially old men who have been going to games forever.  I loved it.  My goal is to get in a section near there eventually.  Thanks Sloaner!
And the game.  Oh the game.  It was wonderful.  After making Jonathan Crompton look like a star last year in Neyland, we crushed them.  We sacked Simms four times.  Murray ran the ball well.  The team just looked like a different team.

And we lead by more than we had in four games.

And then we lead by even more at halftime.

And then we won!

Winning was really so good.  And winning at home.  We savored it by staying after and listening to the band.  I love my friends.

And then Bama had to finally lose when we needed them to win.  Ugh Souther Carolina.  I hate Spurrier.  Good news though- Florida lost!  I don’t know how Les Miles does it, but I don’t care.  Urban crier.  He should go live with the GPOOE.  And Kiffin lost too.  Icing on the cake to beating Tennessee.

And now we can sing this song.



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