We did it again!  We won!  AND it was a shutout.  43-0.  It was Vandy, but still, we won.  I’m excited for Coach Grantham.  Kris Durham had an incredible game.

What made it an even more wonderful day was that Florida lost to Mississippi State and South Carolina lost to Kentucky.  Urban Meyer and Spurrier both lost.  Oh and Texas beat Nebraska.

Now, we have a shot at the east.  We have to win out and South Carolina needs to lose to two of these teams- Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida.  You’ve got to believe!

The weather has taken a turn.  I was bundled all morning, except for pictures of course.

It was this kid’s birthday

And we now have UGA VIII!!

UGA VII was not around for too long, and then there was Russ, who did well last season as we beat Tech and Texas A&M, but his winning streak took a turn this fall.  Plus, he was too old to be the next UGA, so we have Big Bad Bruce.  At 15 months, he is 55 pounds.  Damn good dog.

The collar coming off Russ, who served us well

and onto UGA VIII

This old man is still kickin.  I don’t know how, but he does push-ups every time we scored.  We thought last year would be his last, but he’s still there with his trumpet.

We sat in Sloan’s seats again.  I’m getting too used to these great seats.  Jamie sat with me this game!  Too bad these annoying girls from Vandy came in during the second quarter and made everyone reshuffle around, so I couldn’t sit with Jamie anymore.

And we have three wins!!  This picture is much classier than the one the lady and I took…

Hairy Dawg is ringing the bell again after the games!

Exciting piece of Bulldog Trivia from Mikey’s phone-
How many times did Georgia and Florida play before Florida scored any points?


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