Team Lex: The Total Package

About a year ago, Team Shreve began.  Three of us Shreved the Port together.  Then, we thought, “wait a second, could it be?”  We just added another to our team.  Four of us wolves dawgs, running around the southeast together, in Lexington, looking for touchdowns and bourbon.

We are Team Lex: The Total Package.

We got to Lexington at 1am Saturday morning.  Lexington bars close at 2:30.  Boulder bars stopped serving at 1:30.
Lexington 1
Boulder 0

So we headed straight to the piano bar!
Tara came to meet us! And she even let us stay with her two nights.  What a kind soul.
You know you’re awesome when you can get a bar to play a tribute to your state when you will play them in football the next day.  Oh yes, they played “Georgia on my mind” in downtown Lexington.  The first minute of the song was just fab until the piano guy turned it into a song about a hairy butt.  What a disgrace to Ray Charles.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Keeneland.
Nascar is fun, but these are my people.  Classy, rich, pretty hat wearers.  

Some family friends from Texas who now live in Ohio were there visiting their son Taylor who is in pharmacy school at UK.  He’s fairly tall.

LP was there with her fam too!

This was my third horse race.  I went to Keeneland and Churchill Downs in middle school with Tara, so this was my first time getting to place a bet myself.  I won $18 on my first bet!  Then, Sloaner won $59!

After a leisurely afternoon, it was time for the main event.  Well tailgating and then the main event.

Dawgs vs. Cats

We caught every break.  I’m a little worried for this weekend how every turnover worked our way.  Did we go through all our good karma too soon?  The defense needs to  hunker down on third down.  The offensive yards weren’t there but the points sure were.  I shouldn’t complain.  Justin Houston is a beast.  Washaun actually helped this game, which is nice.

We won.  Really, after such a rough start this season, that should be all that matters.

4 wins!

AND we have a shot at the east.  I don’t know that I can cheer for Florida.  Actually, I know I’m not capable, but if you think of Spurrier as still an extension of Florida, it’s like you are still rooting against Florida.  But first we must win this weekend.

Best part of the tailgate-
Sloan’s mom: Did you know that your sweater had blue balls on it?
Her friend: Oh yes, I thought about that once.

It was just a great weekend!  I don’t know what it was.  Great mesh of friends, bourbon (esp the bourbon barrel ale), weather, horses, and obvi football.  Probably the best trip so far this season!  I mean Colorado was great too but losing puts a damper on everything.  CO was kind of like most FL games- great time until you actually go to the game.

On the way home I saw lots of rolling hills and fall leaves.  Quite beautiful!

Now to the WLOCP!


One thought on “Team Lex: The Total Package

  1. You need to put in more pictures of me looking awesome.

    I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities as we put Jacksonville in the torture rack

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