Idaho State

Friday afternoon Matt called saying that the former governor gave him tickets on the 50 yard line and a parking pass right next to the stadium.  Nice.  The seats were right under the overhang.  These would be clutch for a rain game.

I don’t think I can ever sit in my seats again after getting so used to great seats.

It was really cold.

And this is just funny.

The unabomber was there.

My pretty friend too.

They commemorated teams from the 0s and 5s.  The 1980 championship team was on the field at halftime.  No Herschel, but more importantly, no David Vitner.

The fam.  Missy sat with us too.

We won.  Only 2 more tds…

So we now have 5 wins!

This is Alec one day.

And this is Bev in forty years.  and hopefully me too one day.  This woman stayed the entire game.  I didn’t talk to her, but I bet she has been to every home game for 60 years.   I didn’t get a picture of it, but she had a wooden carved bulldog cane.

My idol.


One thought on “Idaho State

  1. hey can you send me that family pic?

    that old lady was impressive…she didn’t even seem to be bothered by the cold

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