Dirty Bird

I hadn’t been to a Falcons game since they played the Cowboys back when I was in high school.  Good thing they didn’t play the Cowboys since that wouldn’t have made for an interesting game.

They played Tampa Bay.  They were tied for the NFC South.  The Falcons won 27-21, so they now lead the NFC South!

It’s such a difference watching pro vs. college.  When I watch college, there are so many penalties and turnovers.  But pro, they are so good.  The Falcons defense held the Bucs at the two yard line.  Good job, BVG.

Matt Bryant  Matt Ryan

and me with my future husband.  It was nice getting to stare at his backside!  He is Catholic.  I think we’re meant for each other… except that he’s a Yankee.

When I went to take a picture of Samuel L. Jackson singing “Rise up” this is what I got.  Welcome to Atlanta.

Great game.  Good friends.  Go Cones!

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