The Plains

It was a gorgeous day.  In fact, a great day for the South’s oldest rivalry.

The Auburn fans were hospitable and welcoming even if they are grown men who wear tails and carry pom-poms.

The eagle flew.

Bo Jackson made an apperance.

Bargains Prayers were made.  Really though, he always does this before games and then again during the fourth quarter.  I think he is just getting himself in the zone.

This game has always been fun, especially the last four years of winning.  There was the Massacre on the Plains and one of the best games of my life, the Blackout.  Plus, it was a clean rivalry.  The other team was some of our close friends.

We were even winning by two touchdowns at one point!

We were shocked.

But this year, it took a turn.  The Auburn players are thugs.  If the scandal with Cam Newton isn’t enough, Nick Fairley had so many late hits against Aaron Murray.

This is one where #90 Fairley finally got a penalty and the best part is Aaron cheering after seeing the flag.

This is the fight at the end of the game.

Then, two of their players got ejected.

I’m proud of our players for fighting back.  They were trying to kill our quarterback, even when they were up by 18.  Cam Newton is a sob who thinks he is the greatest gift to football the way he pranced.  Don’t get me wrong, he is really really good, but he needs to remember that he is part of a team.  Gene Chizik didn’t seem upset with the way his team was acting.  It all just made me SO mad.

I always respected Auburn.  I still do respect their fans (well maybe not the men with pom-poms), but one day, hopefully in my lifetime, when UGA wins the MNC, I want it to be with eligible players who play the game the way it should be played.

You can criticize CMR all you want, but I love him.  I love how classy he is.   I love that our team is united and that they stood up for their qb.

We may not have won, but I’m damn proud to be a Dawg.

“I will go to war with the guys on this team. We are all brothers” –Kris Durham


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