Once upon a time…

I was a common girl in England with a cool accent and then I went to St. Andrews and met a guy named William.  We fell in love.

Then, he gave me this sweet sapphire ring with diamonds around it.  obvi.

One day I’ll be queen and will wear sweet hats and do charity work.  I’ll be a real lady of leisure.
But dang it.  It’s only a dream.  I’m not Catherine Middleton.  And I’m half excited for them but more so jealous.  Can’t a girl dream?


One thought on “Once upon a time…

  1. 1. You don’t want those crazy in-laws.
    2. England is cold and rainy.
    3. They make you ride around in a horse drawn carriage which seems cool at first but is really slow and smelly.
    4. Charleston LoLs have way better accents.
    5. You could do better.

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