Winter Wonderland

Honestly, I don’t look forward to Christmas Day.  There is so much build up and then after presents and dinner, it’s over and let’s face it, New Year’s really isn’t that exciting.

But this year, it was a great weekend.

How could it not when there is snow?!  My first Christmas with snow.

We went sledding with the neighborhood kids!

We got this sled in Germany.  It is the Audi of sleds.

And this girl is my mini me.  She was wearing my old ski jacket with Georgia pants and a Georgia sweatshirt.  I adore this family.
Their dad rocking his Christmas Story boxers over his pants.
The boys were ready for a snowball fight.
The snow kept coming!

The rest of the weekend was quite relaxing.

I sewed on my new sewing machine!  It’s a Husqvarna Viking!  I also got a Sonicare.  I think I’m turning into a grandma but no dentures for me!
I can’t wait for lots of projects on this baby.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing.  We ate a ton, worked on crosswords, played lots of games, read, and baked this awesome pecan pie courtesy of Garden & Gun.

Good time with the fam.


3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. SK, I got a sewing machine too! My 2 besties here and I are going to start a sewing circle-it’s ok to become your grandma, all the cool kids are doing it. Miss you and love you a lot!

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