What’s worse than being in Memphis?

Glad you asked.

Being in Memphis in the rain while losing to a Conference USA team when you’re already 6-6 and not scoring a single touchdown.

I mean, seriously, we didn’t score a single touchdown against freakin Central Florida.  I still can’t believe it.  We had two field goals.  That was our entire offense.


Onto the trip.

On Thursday (the morning after Melissa’s bachelorette party, which I can’t write anything about because you know, it’s exclusive), I left with these people for Memphis.

We stopped at Graceland.  The fam went there once driving from WV to Dallas at Christmas and my dad made us stop to see the blue lights.  When he saw the ticket prices and remembered he had four kids, we just opted for the street view and the gift shop.  We did the same thing this time too.  At least we got good pics.

I grew.  Actually I was on Alec’s shoulders.  But it looks like I’m tall.

Then, I was forced to take pictures by myself for the afternoon.

Why not?

There was a nativity in front of the house blocking it.

This sums up Memphis:

Getting memed on night one and then getting phised on night two.  And it’s nice and ghetto.

We met James, Ryan, and Sloaner in the city and all piled into one room thanks to James’ hotel points.

The Peabody Hotel has these ducks that march every morning and afternoon.

They roll out the red carpet for them and they march down these stairs.

We were excited.

Mother duck.

And they marched.

The bbq that night was good.

Beale Street is nice but it has nothing on Nawlins.  It’s only two blocks, but they do allow for open container in there and there’s a bunch of blues bars.

The stadium was kind of egg like.

Luckily, it didn’t start to rain until there were just two minutes left.

Yeah c’mon.

I refuse to write anything about the game.  Part of me thinks that I just have to put in my time in Shreveport and Memphis and maybe next year it will be Birmingham or no bowl and then one day it will make the national championship that much better.

But Georgia football, you better deliver soon because this is getting tough.  I’m tired of being tested.  I know, I’ll still be there no matter what cheering you on and loving you and defending you, but you need to get your act together.

We rang in 2011.

Daynes was there, though this was the only picture I got of her.

And it really was a good trip if you exclude the game.  Mostly because of these people

Then, we saw a dog die on the highway on the way home.  No joke.  Talk about irony.  Or is it a coincidence?

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “WTF

  1. 1. I like that you chose Peggy Hill as your little picture thing.
    2. You can see Alec in the car picture. Which makes it a lot funnier.
    3. I look way more excited for the ducks than I was for the game.

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