You are probably just waiting for me to blog since I have all this time now that I’ve been snowed in since Sunday night and it is now Wednesday.

Well I’ve been busy.

Busy catching up on Lord of the Rings, playing Scrabble, making delicious breakfasts, watching more movies, not showering until 5:00 (I may have made up the 5:00 part), playing dump, date, or marry at dinner, oh and lots of working of course.

But this snowed in thing has been fun at times and frustrating at other times when I realized I should have listened to my mother and picked up more food because a fresh apple would be really nice right now.  I can see why in the Little House days they were so excited to get fruit in their stockings.  I had to settle for applesauce today.

The inmates were getting restless yesterday.  We ventured to Mecca Target.  Well, the sick one stayed back.  So LP, Meredith (her friend who is staying with us this week since she lives alone), and I went.

It took us half an hour to walk half a mile on ice.

But we made it!

I’ve gotten to know my roommates really well this week.  Like one of them prefers this:

To this dashing man:

Funny is really what it’s all about to her.

And now we’ve reached a point where everything is funny.  I don’t know if this is a low or a high.  I mean my low for the week was when God Loves Ugly wanted to follow me on Twitter.  But that’s another story.  Not really.  That’s the whole story.  It’s just been our joke for the week.

It’s been a great week.

I mean, it could be worse!


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