There ain’t no doubt I love this land

It was Christmas 2005.  We were all at the ranch in the middle of nowhere Texas.  It’s a wonderful place.  The dogs chased the armadillos.  We cut down our own tree.  We played games all night.  My grandma’s yard boy even made it into the Kelly game.

But my cousin Clint (or as the fam calls him Winter… I think it came from Clinter Winter) was kind of in a weird place.  He just wasn’t feeling like college was right for him.

So that spring he decided to join the army.  He felt called to serve our country.  We went to see him graduate from basic training at Ft. Benning.  He was in top shape.

We were so proud of him.  He really felt like he was on the right track.

Then, he got married and had this adorable baby.  It was so nice having family in the same state!

But not long after the baby was born, Clint was sent to Iraq.  He was there for about ten months and we got to see him when he was home.  Recently, he has been stationed at Ft. Hood.

However, this week, Clint is leaving to go back to Iraq.

Please pray for him.  For his family and especially his son.  I want him and all of our troops to come home safely… really badly.



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