Another year in the books

I turned 24 on Sunday.   Guess what.  Matt did too.  Just 2 minutes after me.

Saturday night we went out with the guys after a great steak dinner with the fam.

And Sunday we went to Fox Bros. bbq.  I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time, and what better event than your birthday to tell people where to go.  It was kind of out of the way but worth the drive.  Thanks everyone for going!

I love bbq.  Well I really love brisket.  And Fox Bros. has it along with foxaroni (mac and cheese with brunkswick stew) and frito pie.

This place is rated #1 bbq in Atlanta.  It was so good.  I loved every bite.  Chopped brisket sandwich with mac and cheese.

If you ever want to go there, invite me.  I’ll drop what I’m doing and go.

And my roommates gave me these pretty flowers.

And then we came back and had a dance party to work off all that we ate and watched The King’s Speech.  Tres magnifique!


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