A LOL Weekend

Laughing out loud?


This, my two followers, is a term Daynes coined.  LOL = Lady Of Leisure.  A woman who must decide which charity to spend more of her time.  Which apron will go with the color of the food and the house decorations.  When is the appropriate time to send a thank you note.  But the thing is, a LOL already knows the answer.

Saturday I went to Queen of Hearts with these two lovely LOLs.

I found a Lewis Grizzard book and a Charleston Junior League cookbook.  The cookbook is for my sister.  She collects junior league cookbooks.  A true LOL.

I don’t know how I passed up on the signed Barbara Bush memoir (well it said it was signed but it was a printed signed), but I did.  Well and the $50 price tag helped.

There was also this chess game of the War.

But the real steal was Daynes’ finds to go with her fur coat for an upcoming photo shoot.  A hat and gloves.

Hey doll.

On a different note, my roommate is slowing becoming a townie, and this picture is too funny to pass up.  I love her.


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