The Battle

I’ve taken a liking to Garden & Gun.  It’s edgy.  It’s new.  It has all things Southern, but with a twist.  The clothes, the recipes, the music, I love it all.

I was starting to question Southern Living.

I remember going through my grandma’s old Southern Livings from the 70s.  She kept all of them.  Texas Monthly too.  My mother is a replica of my grandma, and I’m a clone of Mama, so in addition to being president of the garden club one day, I should go ahead and start collecting my Southern Livings.  But SL was losing its edge.

Until this issue.  They had an article on things I just adore.

15 dishes made better with bacon.  Note the bacon-infused bourbon.  I think this whole recipe guide is perfect for the Lady.

Tulip Display

Texas Hill Country with bluebonnets.  One of my favorite places.  We used to take pictures in them when we were little, but they are illegal to pick.


Rodeo Chic


Fern Prints

Peach Pecan Muffins

Southern Living, I hope you’ve come back to me for good.  There’s enough room for you too, G&G.


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