Weekend Update

Friday night Matt scored us free tickets to see Peter Pan.  It was put on by Threesixty Theatre.  They are traveling from London around the US.  Oh yes, they have accents.

It was getting great reviews.  The special effects were impressive.  They flew!  And there were screens at the top so it felt like I was flying through London too.  It was still a kid’s story and I do prefer Rufio, but I enjoyed it.

Saturday was Ashden’s bridal shower.  She gets married in June!  She said the sweetest thing when we were out to dinner a couple weeks ago, “I think showers will be pretty fun, but really, I’m excited because they make me feel like I’m really getting ready to be with Sokol [her fiancee who curently lives in Boston] because I miss him so much.”  Now, isn’t that sweet?

Morgan, Ashden, and me


In other news, this is my favorite new website.  Less than 2 months!


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