SEC Tournament

Tara came in town for the SEC tournament!  We’ve been friends since 6th grade.  In 7th grade we dropped her brother off at Kentucky basketball camp and met Tubby Smith.  I should scan that picture.  I’m wearing overalls.  But not just any overalls.  Shorts overalls.

Moral of the story, Tara and her mom are obsessed with Kentucky basketball.  They’re not alone.  The whole Georgia Dome was blue.

After Georgia lost in OT while I was at work (and refreshing every 3 seconds), I made it in time to see Florida play Tennessee.  Can I tell you how miserable this game was?  Well, I will anyway if you keep reading.  It was just horrible.  Too much orange.  Too many teams I hate.  GA Tech might as well have been the next game.

At first I thought the two Auburn fans who were on their Kindles were weird reading during a basketball game, but then I thought maybe they were geniuses for showing their utter disgust for the teams playing.

On Sunday Kentucky played Florida for the championship.  PTL Kentucky won.

I tweeted that I wore a Kentucky shirt to the game because I didn’t have a shirt that read “Anyone but Florida.”  Then, I thought, why isn’t there a shirt that says this?  Sloaner agreed.  We really should start a company with that idea.  It is genius if I do say so myself.  This post will count as my copyright.

Times I saw Georgia play last weekend: 0

Times I saw Florida play last weekend: 3

But it was a great time with a great friend!

And aren’t they just adorable?

Maybe this will be me and Mr. Dr. dear one day, except we’ll be wearing UGA gear at the MNC.  By golly, I love old people.


2 thoughts on “SEC Tournament

  1. I’d buy that shirt. BTW, one of my kids’ parents are both doctors. There was a discussion today about the proper title for her mom. I said, “Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dear.” The kids didn’t get it. Dumb kids.

  2. Apparently Ryan has seen shirts that say that, but he couldn’t find them. So I say we get on that in time for GA/FL next year. Also, I bet we could make them for other schools too, especially Auburn and Alabama.

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