Oh the places I want to go

Last Sunday as I boarded my plane for the exciting city of Omaha, I realized that I was zone 1.  Now I usually get on the same ticket as my boss so when he gets bumped to first class, I do too.   This time, I was on my own ticket.  I had earned zone 1 all by myself.  Then, when I checked into the hotel, I was on the top floor.

I know to most of you this is not exciting, but to me, it is like I’m joining the real business club.  Until I get the 11th row on the way back.  Not bad you think, well it’s right in front of the exit row so your seat can’t lean back.  Back to reality.

But now, I have this desire to go somewhere.  Well, lots of places really.  Especially once I rack in skymiles.  Normally I’m not much of a traveler.  I mean, I have no desire to go to China.  I want to see all of the US and lots of Canada and then Europe and the Caribbean islands, but that’s about it.

So here is where I’ve been itching for recently.

1. Chicago

But I have to go here in the summer so I can go to a Cubs game.

2. Boston and the Cape

Then, I’d have to go to see the Green Monster.

And the trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

Too bad I don’t eat lobster.

3. London

I’ve never been here.  I would love to do a whole swooping of Ireland and Scotland and Wales and then why not set on over to Paris, but Kate will probably not want me to leave.

She’ll understand though because Mr. Darcy will be waiting for me.

4. St. Simon’s Island

This is in my own state, and I’ve only been after GA/FL and for a dear friend’s funeral, so I’d like to go back and have happier memories this time.

How can you not be happy soaking up these oak trees covered in moss?

And a great game of golf (if I ever get better) would be wonderful.

5. The entire state of Texas

Ok, ok, so I’ve lived here before and visited a ton of times, but it’s been a while since I’ve been back and I miss it.  And real Tex-Mex and bbq and Shipley’s.  Oh and family too.

Plus, it is so pretty in the spring.  These are Texas’ state flower, bluebonnets.  A kid got sent to the principal’s office in elementary school for picking them since it’s illegal.  And you think they’re kidding about the whole death penalty thing.

So if anyone has a sugar daddy, let’s go!


2 thoughts on “Oh the places I want to go

  1. No sugar daddy for me, but I say if you’re gonna go, go big. Europe gets my vote. All the other places are beautiful, but London and Ireland are my faves. If you’re in London June 11 (I think), it’s The Queen’s birthday celebration and you can see the whole fam wave at you from the balcony. St. Simon’s is lovely too, but you don’t need frequent flyer miles to go there. Just tell me the weekend and I’ll go with.

  2. I don’t have a sugar daddy either, but I would love to go with you to ANY of those places! Just let me know!

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