Spring has sprung

I received these pictures in a forward from my mother.

Is this Heaven?

No, this is Iowa.

Name that movie.

Well, actually it’s the Netherlands. But, wow.  Beauuutiful!

It reaffirms that tulips are my favorite flower, but hydrangeas, magnolias, and peonies are a close second.  I don’t like to commit.  If tulips lasted longer, then I would probably pick them as number one.  Good thing, no one is forcing me to choose.  But these are things I spend quite a time debating inside my head.  You know, very important decisions I may get asked in a life or death situation.  It’s good to have that stuff worked out ahead of time.

This is what was blooming/already dying in my pots before the heavy rain last weekend.

The azaleas are getting ready to bloom, which means it’s almost Masters season!  Oh add those to one of my favs too.

I don’t think I am grateful enough that God didn’t give me allergies.  Especially in this 2,000+ pollen count.

Welcome spring!

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