Coffee Cake

This is a conversation at the office that has occurs every few weeks.

Work Guy 1: So, what did you do last night?  Sew, bake, clean your bathroom, or all of the above?

Me: Well I cleaned my bathroom last weekend, but I actually did bake [insert one: brownies/banana pudding/cookies/banana bread/whatever I was craving] last night.

Work Guy 1: Why don’t you ever bake for us?

Work Guy 2: Yeah, it’s like you don’t even care about us.  You like your other friends better.

It gets me every time.

So this week was coffee cake.

I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe.  That woman never lets me down.  When she says it’s the best coffee cake ever, well you don’t question it.

Yes, that’s three sticks of butter.  Don’t worry, I made the light version.  I used 2% instead of whole milk.

I think Heaven is filled with lots of butter and bread.  and fried chicken and steak and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Without the need for any pepto.

This was my Mimi’s sifter.  Real bakes sift their flour.   They also  separate the dry ingredients.
And her pastry cutter

Annie came in and snagged a few of me in the new apron
This one was an office favorite!

Thanks PW!


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