If you haven’t read The Help yet, read it!

It’s my new favorite book.  I couldn’t stop reading it on Saturday.  Poor Whitney tried to talk to me and I just nodded.

I do love Southern fiction, and this book has everything you could ever want.  It was one of those where I really wanted to know what happened, but then if I did, it would be over and that crushes me.

They’re making a movie coming out August 12.

Go read!!  You’ll just love it!!



As I read, I got so excited about the parts when she is with Stuart.  I love that he came around and turned out to be really sweet, but in the end, I secretly wanted them to be together.  Is there something wrong with me?  Do I always just look for the love story?  Ugh, I think I know the answer.  I wanted him to come around and say that it didn’t matter what she was doing that he loved her even though he wasn’t ready for forward thinking.  While I was disappointed with that, it is a good piece of reality.  We are going to let each other down.  Just because a guy seems right, doesn’t mean he is Mr. Right.  Skeeter is a bold woman and it’s not all about the guy.  Darn you chick flicks.

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