Two Extremes

Saturday morning Whitney and I woke up and drove to Ringgold, GA and later Annie met us there.

A week and half prior to that, Ringgold had been hit by tornados. The damage was massive.  Tuscaloosa had been hit horribly too.

James, who is from there, helped us too.  We worked with the Methodist Church in town who is leading the help.  We cleaned up shingles and debris that had flown all across the town and moved around limbs so they could be picked up later.  These homes and building were utterly destroyed.  Families covered themselves in a mattress to survive.  Not everyone was lucky.

It was like being in a horror movie.  I had never seen anything like this.

The community is uniting together, and they could not be nicer people or more appreciative for letting us help.  God is working in this town.

Later that night I polished up to go to a wedding.  Mikey asked me as his date for his sister’s wedding.  Since I was in a sorority in college and few of my guy friends were in fraternities, I felt like I always did the asking to date nights.  It was nice to get asked this time!

Mikey was a good date and put up with all my dancing!  Too bad Sloaner was sick :(  which is probably why I didn’t take any pictures of the bride and groom, but I did get one of Ryan and Mikey.

It was a great night and the carrot wedding cake was a bonus!


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