Carolina in my Mind

Thursday was the night the lights went out in Georgia.  Oh Reba.  But a good part of Atlanta was without power as the rain took down trees.  This season has been intense.  Tornadoes have hit all over the US.  The Japan tsunami.  The New Zealand floods.

Our neighbors were lucky.  The tree barely skimmed their garage.

But it was dark and we were without power, so Whitney and I went to Publix because we couldn’t cook and the idea of lighting candles didn’t come quickly.

Friday was the start of Memorial weekend.  We went up to lake.  It was marvelous.

We read and read and went jet skiing and I tried skurfing and got burned even wearing 70 spf.  I did not want it to end.  3 days off work really make the two weeks around it just great.  The week before you are thinking about the weekend right away and how you can’t wait for it and then the week after goes by more quickly.  We should always do 3 day weekends.  or 4.

Also, I already knew this, but I’m affirming it here that I’m a lake/mountain person.  I love it.  I’m ready to go back!


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