OBX 2011

Well folks, I’m back.  I was on a business trip, came home and packed my 70 spf and left for the beach the next day.

The crew headed to Daynes’ lovely beach house again in the Outerbanks.  This trip was pretty similar to last year’s trip.

Except this year Alec’s immune system held up to go and we caught 101 fish instead of 100.  Only problem was that 99 fish ended up in the boat due to some de-hooking problems.

All hands on deck
 Lewis, Alec, and I learned how to de-hook the fish.  The boys were quite the hookers!  It was tough to resist the “Support your local hooker” t-shirts.

The de-hooking devices

We got in a game of putt-putt where I had the honor of the worst score!
It was pretty chilly and windy on the beach, but we were able to get in some rays and reading.  They were even good sports and played games with me at night.

We of course made it to Capt’n Franks.

I think my favorite part is having dinner on the porch at night.

 My photographer

The group!
Thanks Lady for a wonderful trip!!


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