Take a hike

For Father’s Day, my dad wanted to hike Stone Mountain and go to the Laser Show.  He loves Stone Mountain.  We went there for his birthday last year too.  The man knows what he likes.

We hiked the 1.3 mile incline up and lightning started.  Luckly we were at the top when the storm came.  It was cool to watch the storm come in and see the way it shifted across the city.

The hike down was quite slippery, so I had to walk down barefoot.  When I was slipping down a huge incline, the woman behind me suggested it and it really made it easier.  Plus, it’s like getting a free pedicure.

They changed the laser show this year.  Well, they say that it is new and improved every year.  However, this time, they actually did drastically change it but not for the better.  The fireworks kept going off and the smoke blocked the actual laser show.  The actual laser show itself was not impressive.

The one good part had a Georgia music section which I enjoyed, but they they did a series on Alabama playing “Sweet Home Alabama.”  This is Georgia, not Alabama!  Are there that many people who travel from AL that they have to mention Mobile and Talladega?  Plus, all the politicians shown were Democrats.

The hike was fun and my dad was happy to get some quality time with the fam, but I give the laser show two thumbs down.


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