Notes from Nashville… the Sequel

For Brad, Kim, Ashley, and all the other locals,

Y’all.  I left something in Nashville that I need back… my heart.

But seriously.  It’s like a break up.  Everything I see.  Everything I eat.  Every song I hear.  Every pancake I eat.  Every wannabe on the street playing for quarters.  It all reminds me of that wonderful place.  I don’t know how I can keep on living without being there.  How will my body know how to breathe if it can’t take in the country air?  How can I ever enjoy anything again?  Cowboy, take me away.

But for real, it was a wonderful trip.  My friends Brad, Kim, and James all live in Nashville.  Matt and I drove up Friday and made it in time for dinner.

We went out on Broadway that night.  We hung out with Michael Scott, the lead singer of the band on stage.  Maybe not the one from “The Office.”  Well, maybe it was.  You should never put expectations on Michael Scott.  This one was rockin a t-shirt with two girls kissing with a cross necklace.  I’ll let you decide.

Every bar has live music.  Something I could get used to!  And they were all good too.  I mean, it is the music city.

On Saturday, Kim and I watched Wimbledon all morning while the guys played golf.  We drove around town and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

When I was little, my dad would play “Walkin’ after Midnight” and I would do laps around the coffee table.  Thanks for the memories Patsy.

Oh, hello Wranglers.

Matt with King George

There was a big exhibit on Family Traditions: The Williams Family Legacy.  It went through the entire lives of Hank Sr. and Jr.  (ok what’s the proper way to end that sentence?  Two periods after “JR” or I could just spell out “Junior.”)  Back to the story, the exhibit was done very well.  You should go see it.

On Sunday, we waited in line for 45 minutes in the rain for the famous Pancake Pantry.  Was it worth it?  Well, I guess.  They were good.  Glad I tried it, but I’m more of a French toast fan anyway.

The Hillsboro part of town is very quaint and artsy.  Loved it!

Much thanks to John McKay James and this lovely couple for hosting us!

Now, if I could figure out how to get my video to upload, I’d post an encore with the famous locals.  Maybe later.


3 thoughts on “Notes from Nashville… the Sequel

  1. Oh YES….you must wait in line for Pancake Pantry! When we were in school there, gosh, 1970’s, but late 1970’s you know……we ate there at least one Saturday morning every month. It’s what got us all up and out of bed early on a weekend!

  2. Thanks for writting about your experience visiting Nashville. Ive never been but my hisbands company may be moving us there site unseen. We currently live in Canada and besides searching images and articles its great to read someones opinion on the place. It looks fun. We want to be in a community where there are people our age and that we can enjoy the outdoors:) Thanks- this was reassuring.

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