I think we’re going to need a bigger boat

Remember that time I went to PEI and stayed at the White Sands Dalvay by the Sea?

Of course you do, I always bring it up.  Well, it’s just that it’s my favorite place, and it just so happens that my favorite couple went there yesterday.

And that’s the other thing I obsess about.  But seriously, for how much stalking I do of them, you should be considering yourself lucky that I’m not posting pictures every day of their Royal Tour in Canada.  Maple leaf hat, yes please.  Luckily, I have whatKatewore.come and William and Catherine tumblr to do that for me.

Last night I almost spent 80 pounds + 10 for shipping to buy shoes Kate wore earlier in the day.  I had even figured out what size shoe I would be in the UK and put them in my shopping cart.  Then I thought, “Stop.  Put them back.  You are being ridiculous.  Well, but think how good they would would though?  Maybe you’ll be princess when you wear them?”  But these were no glass slipper.   So I put them back.  Which I still may be suffering from buyer’s regret.  Especially now that they are sold out.

Now that I’ve lost all guys who would ever read this, this part is cool.

On the same lake where my dad and I kayaked and may or may not have tipped the canoe,
 Prince William landed a helicopter.  And then made it take off again.  That’s BA.  Only Canadians learn how to do that!

It’s just cool that they went to my hotel!  I feel some sort of connection with them now.  The stalking on Daily Mail doesn’t hurt that relationship either.  My pen pal I met while in PEI and I have been corresponding about their stay.  A year later, that’s a kindred spirit!


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