Do Re Mi

I love “The Sound of Muic.”  I love it so much that it was one of the main reasons I studied abroad in Austria.  Jackie and I met for a weekend in Salzburg where we went on the official TSOM tour.

But this weekend was almost as good as being there.  Daynes invited me to TSOM Sing-A-Long at the Fox.  I went.  Obvi.
 The was a costume contest and well, I used up what creative juices I have at Harry Potter, but these people were good.

The Alps
Marionettes… and a guy who said he was “high on a hill”

Brown paper package tied up with strings

Lots of nuns
My personal favorite… Silver white winters that melt into spring (She had on a silver dress with flowers sewn at the bottom)

Daynes sewed her own blue satin sash and Katie was whiskers on kittens!

I only wish I had captured Daynes’ face during the movie.  She was grinning from ear to ear.

But who couldn’t have a good time singing during this movie? We all love singing the songs from this movie at home while watching or perhaps on a road trip or even while commuting to work.  If only the guys at work knew what I was listening to when they see me dancing at my desk.

They gave us props and an invitation to the ball.
 It was fun to be with people who share our affinity for TSOM.

The hills were alive in Atlanta.


Don’t stop!

Your Liesl.


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