My gift is my song and this one’s for you

Move over Adele.

Meet Ellie Goulding.

 You probably haven’t heard of her, but you should have because 1. she was on SNL not too long ago. 2. She played at the reception of a pretty big wedding in London in April and 3. she is just amazing.

She’s fairly new on the music scene.  Really new on the US scene.  She was nominated for some BRIT awards last year.   Her music is mostly pop, somewhat indie.  I just love it!

I really really wanted to go to her concert and Jamie is such a good friend and went with me!

The concert was INCREDIBLE!

Ellie is awesome.  She runs six miles everyday.  On her last tour, she invited her fans to go running with her in each city.

She can belt it.  Her voice was better in person than on my ipod.  That’s impressive.
 She danced.  It was cool.

I follow her on Twitter.  She hasn’t tweet back yet, but I just know we’ll be friends one day.

She plays the drums while singing.

She writes her own music and plays the guitar.
 She is just a great performer.  I don’t go to many concerts, but this was definitely one of the better ones!

Now that you are informed of this great artist/my new favorite, you should listen to her.

Her most well known song

A really good one

Her cover of “Your Song”  This video makes me cry.  She dedicated the song to Amy Winehouse.  I just love this song.

Thanks for going with me JK!


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